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DAB installing + Coding
Hi Guys,

Proud owner of a E60 520i (2004, business navigation) here  Big Grin
Like several of you might experience, FM bands on the radio are going to stop. 
So I was checking out the options.

Found this one and ordered (expecting it to arrive):
Anyone installed already?

Installing will be no issue (hardware); installation (software) will be challenge.
My car has no DAB so I have to add $654 I was told.
Anyone who already did it?

Hi Guys, thought I might update you all since maybe other members are going to be interested.

So I bought the Cartain DR700BMW DAB+ module and installed it in my E60 5Series (2004).
I have a MASK Navigation Business in my car (yep, the one with only arrow navigation).

Recently I already installed the AUX input by installing the hardware cable to the MASK system connector and VO coded via NCS Expert, the +NAUX to my car and activated the AUX by coding in the MASK module. So I had some experience.
VO: (F1-F3-E60 --> F2-E60-ADD "+NAUX" -OK-F6 --> F4-CAS --> F2-FA WRITE --> F3 --> F6)
Coding: (F1-F3-E60-F6 --> F4-MASK --> F2-Codierdaten Lesen --> F3 --> NCS_dummy .... TRC file... AUX: nicht activ change to activ .... Export MAN file --> F2-SG Codieren --> F3 --> F6)
Cable itself I bought on Amazon.de

--> All working like a charm.
--> Tip: do check where to mount the connector, since depending on your E60series and Navigation computer, the position might be different, even compared to some youtube tutorials Smile!

Next up was the DAB+ installation.
VO: adding $654 (same as above for +NAUX) to MASK
Coding: same as above, activate digital radio

Parts I needed:
1 x MOST Y-cable going from 1 connection (to Mulf) to 2 connections (to MULF and move on to the DAB+ Module). The final MOST plug needs the power supply as well for the DAB+ module, so I ordered it here (since MOST cable does NOT come with the Cartain module):

1 x Cartain DR700BMW (it comes with a DAB+ antenna, so I installed this one and routed the cable by the speaker under the rear shelf to the side pillar)


Took me about 1,5h: Coding and Installing.

A special leaflet of Cartain added to the package said there was also a possibility to "auto code" the VO needed by the cartain module itself....
I only saw it later, so can't say if it worked. 
However, I have no reason to believe it does not.

All is up and running fine!!

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