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New to the fourm
Hi everyone. New to the forum
Welcome to the Scene!
[attachment=509 Wrote:         Rob pid='28118' dateline='1633908608']Welcome to the Scene!
Thank you very much Rob buddy! I am a real amateur at using bimmercode on my 2013 bmw f30 330d xdrive at the moment and wondering if yourself or someone you may know might be able to help me out... I have now ran into some major problems ? well not major a just can't fix it I have changed the vin I think it is anyway and now when I go into or read it its now coming up that I have a 1 series and when I try to code back up it comes up failed then run a diagnostic on it using carly and its coming up this attachment at bottom, but I don't have any problems to everything seems to still work as it did but worried incase something drastic happens any information or even pointing me in the right direction would be very very much appreciated. Also won't let me select activation codes anymore ?

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