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Need help with NBT EVO ID5/6 Region Change
(06-22-2021, 10:34 AM)dragosv6 Wrote:
(06-21-2021, 07:21 PM)amwells66 Wrote: Hello, I have a F15, VIN: 0X91357 and moved from Germany to US.

My current map is EUROPE EVO 2017-1 and am changing it to North America EVO 2021-1.

Appreciate any instructions on how to change the region. Thanks.
Need to put the us fsc on usb along the maps then insert the usb in the car and let the magic begin Smile

no need to flash the unit!

Ping me, i can help you with the fsc


Hello, thank you. I sent you a PM.

I am assisting a colleague of mine who has imported a BMW X7 from UK to NZ (VIN-9C66829) and he requires a FSC code to change the region from UK to NZ and NZ Map files as I understand. Will appreciate if someone can assist on this forum.

Many thanks in advance.
i am in the same position

i get a g30 from ECE to north Africa

Vin G942445

thanks in advance
(06-26-2021, 10:26 PM)sacaman Wrote: hi
i am in the same position

i get a g30 from ECE to north Africa

Vin G942445

thanks in advance
I have sent you pm Smile
PM receives it and I answer you

I have a G30 that is imported from the US to Europe and would like to change the region and update the maps (NBTevo).
If someone can send me FSC code I will highly appreciate it Smile.
VIN: G891635
Thanks in advance!

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If u figure out - good. If not, I can help u Smile
Hi all!

Would hate for this to be one of my first few posts, but here it goes...

I'm in a similar situation. I've spent the last few days reading up on the different BMW Headunits, but still have not come to a clear understanding on what I need I'll need to get perform a region change, on 3 cars (2 Supras with NBT EVO ID6 and a Mini F56 NBT EVO) I have imported from Japan to South East Asian region and maps.

From my understanding, the region change and FM frequency can be done via coding, and as for the maps, I'll have to look for a map update, along with a FSC code generation?

Would love to attempt this, but to be honest, I have no idea what I'll need and where to begin. Would appreciate if there's any kind souls that will point me in the correct direction.

hello, i will be very thankful is someone can help me, I have got a Bmw g30 with ID6 imported from usa, i want to install turkey maps on it how to change the region of the hu and get maps fsc to work ?

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