We have recieved 91% of our goal ..

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Road Map TAIWAN Premium 2020
thanks for post, please link
(04-10-2020, 07:30 AM)Pat Wrote: Latest TAIWAN Premium map
Instructions (Thanks to Rob):
1. You will need 1, 8GB minimum 2.0 USB drive
2. Do a full format of your USB Drive to FAT32
3. Once you download the map data from google drive  you will see NAVD folder
4. Inside the NAVD folder, you should see all the Folders and all the files
5. Copy all the folders and all the files right to the root of the USB drive.
6. Insert the USB drive in your car armrest 
7. Follow the prompts from there

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Thank you so much
Thanks for Sharing
Thanks for sharing, i'd like trying to update the map(2014-2).

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