We have recieved 74% of our goal ..

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North America ROUTE 2022-1
thank you!!!! Big Grin
thanks for the details!
Thanks for sharing
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Thank you for sharing..
I really appreciate the map file, thank you!
hi! new to the bmw scene, just got a 2017 bmw x1. still learning it's features [and uniqueness, like coding a new battery install!], especially coding to unlock or change the car's features. i've been searching a couple of forums, but the abundance of info and comments are a bit overwhelming, and not really sure how to get started. hence a bit reluctant coz of fear of bricking the car. we just got it! 

anyway, i was hoping i can started with an update the North Amererica ROUTE map. mine is currently 2017. Read somewhere i need an FSC code. don't i have that since i only need an update?

Also would love to get some info how to get started with coding, like what simple and safe [against bricking!] software to get, and from where, odb2 readers; nothing really fancy, just to be able to do simple ones like coding new battery, changing the auto start/stop to default to off, changing foglight bulb to LED, etc.

Appreciate any guidance.

Thanks for sharing!!!

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