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BMW coding questions from a newbie
Hi all,

I posted my other thread in e series section on accident, sorry.

I'm new to the BMW coding world and have some questions for you guys:

- where do I buy esys launcher, apparently token master is gone and so is esys x. I heard about esys plus but what is that?

- who/what is black pirate? I have heard this name float around and was wondering is this individual reputable because I see there are some cracked esys launchers out there by this author but I don't know if it's safe or potential virus.

- where do these unlocked esys 3.7 launchers come from? Are they safe to buy from a reseller and is the person who cracked it reputable? I see there are alot of people selling it cracked but who was the first person who cracked it and why does everyone seem to have a hwid generator for 3.7, just concerned I might be getting virus.

Thank all.
No one?

Where do I get esys launcher 3.xx?

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