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FlashXCode ToolKit Reader v3.5
(01-20-2022, 09:47 AM)dragosv6 Wrote: Hello everyone,

New Update - FlashXCode Toolkit 5

Just finished the FlashXCode Toolkit 3.0

Slightly new interface, more information and a faster response rate.

You can use this tool to :

-Connect local or remote

-Identify what unit has your car ( works only for : Entrynav1, Entrynav2, NBT and NBTevo)

-Read unit FSC

-Reboot unit


-Read more info like ( RAM Memory, HDD Serial number, unit version etc)

-Read Car Faults

-Delete Car Faults

-For NBTevo units: close SSH
-Send Evo to Flash Mode
-Send Evo to App Mode
-Clear Evo FSC

You can find useful information about your unit like in attached picture.

Works on Windows  8, 10 and 11. 

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