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E61: how to test Key Fob & Diversity Antenna?
Is there a way to test/see that the diversity antenna is receiving any signal from the key fob?

I have two key fobs for my 2006 E61 Touring, and both work in starting the car, but neither work in locking/unlocking the car doors via the key fob...I have to disconnect the metal key from the fob and manually use the key lock in the drivers door.

I have replaced my diversity antenna with a new unit, and have done the painful task of checking/fixing the super-thin wires in the wagon's hatch hinge...nearly all of them were broken and needed fixing.  That wiring check solved my third brake light, my glass hatch latch, my reverse lights, and a blinker issue.  I'm hoping one of these tools has the ability to show me the diversity antenna receiving a signal from the key fob when the key is pressed.  If so, which tool and where in the menus?  Any other suggestions on which modules I should be resetting or upgrading to key fobs to work?

Is there also a way to see how many keys have been programmed to my car, and potentially remove keys which are no longer in my possession? 

Finally, the ribbon cable (purple connector) from the diversity antenna to the glass hatch broke at the glass hatch point....I believe this flimsy connection is how the module used the antenna lines in the glass hatch...I'm assuming I can create my own antenna by soldering to this ribbon had running loops of wires (under the plastic covering)....has anyone else done (or heard of 

The fun of purchasing a used car!

Check if diversity has power and ground. If not, fix that.
If there is power and ground, measure voltage from the line going to CAS (Check wiring schematics), when pressing key fob buttons, the voltage should change (drop from 5V). You can also test with a key from another car that is functioning properly. You should still see a voltage drop, should not open/close doors.
If there is no voltage drop when pressing buttons on a 100% working key fob, your diversity is toast. If there is voltage drop but still not working, check line from CAS to Diversity.

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