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Coding a 02-05 L322 Range Rover / X5 E53 Bosch 5.7 ABS ECU with Tool32
A message to see if anybody here has experience with using Tool32 to code a Bosch 5.7 ABS ECU.

The 02-05 L322 Range Rover shares many mechanical and electrical / electronic components, an you can use EDIABAS/INPA/TOOL32 to communicate with the RR L322 systems.

NCS and other software will not work as it is VIN dependent.

My problem is - I have a replacement 5.7 ABS ECU for my 03 L22 with a M62 V8 which originally was in the same vintage RR L322 with a M57 diesel motor.

There is a guide on the RR forums which gives instructions on using Tool32 to change the coding from M62 V8 to M57 diesel using Tool32.

fullfatrr.com - View topic - Coding ABS module

Abridged instructions:

Start tool32

Load SGBD file DSC_L30 (for the L322 Bosch 5.7 ABS ECU) (the E53 is DSC_5.7)

Select Job "coden_schreiben"

In the "arguments" box enter 07,E0 - the hexidecimal codes

Double click on  "coden_schreiben" to execute job

There is no corresponding argument for changing from M57 diesel to M62 V8.

So what is the format for the argument syntax? There may be a clue in NCS Dummy where you  can choose an E53 chassis and DSC ECU - and the choices  for the engine type are 01 to 10.

01 and 06 are the M62

02 03 07 08 are  the m57

-the M57 is 07 - so is that the hex code for the M57 diesel?

Change hex code 07 to 01  or  06?

What is the function of hex code E0?

I have been able to read the contents of the ABS eeprom and I should have a copy of a M62 V8 DSC ECU soon so I can compare the hex codes for the difference.

but I still need the correct argument hex codes.


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