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optimize G31 LCI. May help you too. You can use this as reference for G/F series.
Please pin this post, it my help others with G maybe F series. I use Ista+ and BimmerUtility but E-Sys may be better for you. 
If you are a pro at E-Sys please make a tutorial and let it pin the post so that everyone can see there. Thank you.
Lets start with what I did and fix many issues that I found on internet.

The steps to add programing for Ista+ is fallowing:

1.Install Ista+ (in my case ISTA_Standalone_4.39.20) standalone without programming files
2.Unpack PSdZData (in my case v4.46.41_PSdZData.7z) to C:\EC-APPS\ISTA\PSdZ\data_swi....in case you don't finde data_swi create a folder.
3.Go back to the Ista+ installation folder and go to "files_only_for_manual_install"
4.Run the fallowing files in order: - ISTA_firewall_rules.bat (run as Administrator) - ISTA_Reg_Fix_min_x64.reg - AppCheckDisable_to_use_different_DBs.reg
5.In the same folder you have regfiles_full_sdp_blp there you will finde ISTA_Reg_Fix_x64.reg...edit it and change the version of the PSdZData ex. "SWIData"="4.46.41"

(optional to program with ENET cable(is not recommended) see this: https://mhhauto.com/Thread-Programming-w...D-and-ENET

For G series (also F40(2019+) and F44(2020+)) cheat sheet see this: https://gizliozellikacma.com/en/bmw-chea...22-g30-etc

In BimmerUtility did the following:

BDC_BODY>CAFD_00007083_031_020_216 - Codingdata Body_appl (obd-relevant)
3120 PfInternalMirror:
-CODDT_00_SCAL_DIM_ECR_LIN     default to wert_01 (or manual werte to 20)
-CODDT_00_SCAL_DIM_ECR_LIN     default to wert_01 (or manual werte to 20)

3221 PfFesMaster:
-FesAdaptiveWorldMode0                  to Adaptive
-FesComfortWorldMode0                   to Comfort
-FesComfortWorldMode1                   to ComfortPlus
-FesComfortWorldMode2                   to ComfortIndividual
-FesEcoWorldMode0                         to EcoProEfficient
-FesEcoWorldMode1                         to EcoProPlus
-FesEcoWorldMode2                         to EcoProIndividual
-FesPiaDefaultAdaptiveWorldMode     to Adaptive
-FesPiaDefaultComfortWorldMode      to ComfortPlus (if you press the Comfort button first selection is Comfort Plus)
-FesPiaDefaultEcoWorldMode            to EcoProPlus (if you press the Eco button first selection should be Eco Pro Plus)
-FesPiaDefaultLastUserMode             to werte manual wert=05 (Every time you turn on the engine it will stay on Comfort Plus)
-FesPiaDefaultSportWorldMode          to SportExpert (if you press the Sport button first selection should be Sport Expert)
-FesSportWorldMode0                      to SportDynamic
-FesSportWorldMode1                      to SportExpert
-FesSportWorldMode2                      to SportIndividual

3420 PfSarahMaster (this is the drive assistant and the safety feature combine)
-Ampel_Assistent               to aktiv
-Ampeln                            to aktiv
-Anfahrt_Erinnerung           to aktiv
-anfahrt_verhinderung        to aktiv
-ausfahrten                       to aktiv
-einsetig_vorbeifahren        to aktiv
-engstellen_assistent          to aktiv
-gesetzesrelevanz               to GBT_LKA (to you may be different i have installed the LKA system)
-Kreuzungs_warnung          to aktiv
-seitenkollisions_warnung    to aktiv
-situativer_abstand             to aktiv
-speedlimit_change_warnung  to aktiv (this one if its annoying you can deactivate in the car section speed assistant at drive assistant settings, i find it very good that if you pass a speed                                              change limit and you didn't saw it or you did not see it on dashboard it make a substile noise that it change the speed limit. try it you will be amazed)
-speedlimit_info                  to gen_2
-speedlimit_inszenierung     to aktiv
-speedlimit_warnung           to aktiv
-spurverlassens_lenkeingriff  to aktiv
-spurverlassens_warnung     to gen_2 (if you chose gen 3 then you have the issue where you need to turn off the lame departure intervention every damm time when you turn on the                                               engine but somehow is not that agressive with holding you in lame)
-spurwechsel_assistant        to aktiv
-spurwechsel_Lenkeingriff    to aktiv
-spurwechsel_warnung        to aktiv
-stoppschilder                     to aktiv
-strecken_verlauf                to aktiv
-uebernahme_geschwindigkeit to aktiv
-voffset                              to gen_2
-voffset_langsam                 to gen_2
-vorausschau                      to aktiv
-wiederanfahren                  to aktiv

DKOMBI4 (i have also HUD installed)
in search bar i write hud and everything related like navi, speed limit, radio, infotainment, entertainment, abstandsinfo, tempolimit, listen (not list) change to aktiv
then in search bar i write segel and everything in section 3000 Anzeige_Konfiguration with segel and segeln to aktiv

3001 Connectivity_A4A
A4A_android                    to aktiv
A4A_voice_app_support    to aktiv
A4A_wireless_android       to aktiv
A4A_wireless_ios              to aktiv

audio_system      to alev4_ram (i do not have B&W but i get the option of the sound customizer like EQ and option to use studio mode or concert mode)

3008 FES
everything beside msa, electric, EDRIVE, HYBRID, and x mode is on aktiv

all that start with ad_ to aktiv
-ampelassistent          to gen 2 (if you have gen 1 it shows in menu to select the traffic lights but if is gen 2 its automatically inside and where its recognizing the traffic lights it gonna                                      show you in dashboard, test it)
-ampeln                          to gen 1
-anfahrerinnerung            to gen 1
-anfahrverhinderung         to gen 1
-auffahrwarnung               to gen 2
-ausfahten                       to gen 1
-autolimiter                      to gen 1
-autotempomat                 to gen 1
-einseitigvorbeifahren        to gen 1
-engstellenassistent           to gen 1
-engstellenbreite               to gen 1
-frontkollisionswarrnung     to gen 1
-geschwindigkeitsassistent  to gen 1
-gezieltesanleuchten           to gen 1
-highwaypilot                     to aktiv
-individual_info                  to gen 2
-inszenierung                     vollkonzept_2
-kreuzungswarnung            to gen 1
-lenkassistent_dcs              to gen 1
-lenkassistent_plus             to aktiv
-personenwarnung_tags and nachts to gen 1
-rettungsgasse                   aktiv
-seitenkollisionswarnung     to gen 1
-situativerabstand               to gen 1
-slaautomatisch                  to gen 1
-slamanuell                        to gen 1
-speedlimit_akustische_warnung to aktiv
-speedlimitinfo                    to gen 1
-speedlimitinszenirung         to gen 1
-speedlimitwarnung             to gen 3
-spurverlassenslenkeingriff    to gen 2
-spurverlassenswarnung       to gen 3
-spurverlassenswarnung_generation to gen 5
-spurverlassenswarnzeitpunkt  to gen 2
-spurwechselassistent             to gen 1
-spurwechsellenkeingriff          to gen 2
-spurwechselwarnung              to gen 3
-spurwechselwarnzeitpunkt      to gen 2
-stopschilder                           to gen 1
-streckenverlauf                      to gen 1 (this is weird its should slow down according to the curve of the street but mostly of the time does not)
-streckenverlauf_generation     to gen 1
-vmin_seitenkollision_kmh or in your case mph     to p_00 (this is the minimum kmh/mph to activate the warning and the intervention of the steering if a car of bike is passing near you)
-vmin_spurverlassen_kmh or in your case mph     to p_00 (this is the minimum kmh/mph to activate the warning and the intervention of the steering if you pass the road lines or road                                                                             edge)
-vmin_spurwechsel_kmh or in your case mph       to p_00 (this is the minimum kmh/mph to activate the warning and the intervention of the steering if a car of bike is passing near you)
                                          Those 3 options above is maybe annoying but if you live in a city where are a lot of incompetent drivers or a lot of bikers its very helpful because most of                                                 accidents happens under 30 kmh where this feature not turning on. 
-voffset                                to gen 2
-voffset_langsam                   to gen 2
-vorausschau                        to gen 1
-vorfahrtswarnung                 to gen 2
-wiederanfahren                    to gen 1

in the search bar write segeln and choose Nr001 and at topologie you choose what type you have dcc or acc or both if you have. (acc=assistant cruse control....dcc=dynamic cruse control)

I may update it with the time
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