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F80 M3/M4 lithium battery repair
Hi all , 

Recently i received a lihium battery what did not give any power .
So 0v when i mesured .

To repair this :

Open the battery (wear eye and face protection ). 

Disconnect battery computer.

And recharge battery  directly on the battery pack  with a special lithium charger.

After recharging check battery voltage on battery pack. (must be between 11v and max 13v ).

Reconnect battery ecu and you will hear the battery re activate himself again. 

Re assamble battery  again 

If you messure now again you see the battery is repaired . 

Note: In my case when i opened the battery and measured the battery pack before charging there was only 1,2v left on the lithium pack . 
But the battery still works perfect . A new battery is around 1500$ so this was a huge save for the customer . 

Hope this will help someone here  Big Grin
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