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HU SERVICE MANAGER .zip attached
(04-03-2020, 11:33 AM)x5m254 Wrote: Allows you to write your own Service to HU NBT OR CIC

Please note if BMW do update your service history this will wipe any services you have inputted


NBT service should show immediately - CIC will need restart.


Checked with BitDefender Total Security
Hi, how to open thi on macbook?
(03-06-2021, 07:57 PM)Beachparty Wrote: So I managed to make it work on a different computer than the one I usually use for my car software.
Anyways, make sure Java is installed in C or somewhere simple. The .bat file doesn't like the  Program File (X86) default one that Java normaly uses. If required, delete and reinstall Java so it's in a simple directory.
Then install Ediabas
Cut and Paste the folder that contains the 3 HU_Service manager files in C: or somewhere simple
Edit the hu_servicemanager.bat file and modify to reflect the directories you are using.
set JAVA_HOME=C:\Java (or any other directory where Java is)
set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH%;C:\Ediabas\BIN (this is where the BIN directorie is)
set HU-ServiceManager=HU-ServiceManager.jar
%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -jar %HU-ServiceManager%

When that is done, go to Edibias folder and edit Edibias.ini
Make sure Interface is =ENET
EcuPath = C:\Edibias\ECU (has to be the actual directory of the ECU folder in Ediabias)
SimulationPath =C:\Ediabias\SIM (has to be the actual directory of the SIM folder in Ediabias)
TracePath =C:\Ediabias\TRACE (has to be the actual directory of the TRACE folder in Ediabias)

Make sure you have all the .prg files present inside the ECU Folder
Make sure you have EDIC OBD and OMITEC files inside SIM folder
Trace folder is empty so no problem

When done here, double click HU_Servicemanager.bat file and this should work
Thanks for the detailed instructions. 

I was getting error msg it has timed out.  After reading your msg I checked, and my Java was indeed not saved in the C drive.  Uninstalled and reinstalled Java to C drive, then followed rest of the instructions to the Edibias folder to edit the Edibias.ini where I changed 

From - Interface =REMOTE:Base to Interface =ENET

Checked everything else as per your instructions, now when i connect to HU I get a different error msg: 
sys-0012: identification error

I tried to also change from #Interface = REMOTE to #Interface =ENET as well but didn't make a difference.

Whilst it is frustrating to get yet another error msg, at least it seems to be getting further!  Any ideas what I may have missed?  Any help would be much appreciated.
(01-08-2021, 08:00 AM)Coolguyat18 Wrote: Its ok guys, I found out there is a version with the correct files required for this to run.

If any one needs them let me know.

 Hey Ryan
I have the same problem as you described. How did you get it fixed?
Bonjour merci ?? du partage
thaank you mate
Der Fehler Sys 00012 besagt nichts anderes, als das die IP-Adresse im Ediabas nicht mit dem Fahrzeug übereinstimmt.

Die IP aus dem Ista-Programm kopieren und im EDIABAS-Editor, unter XEthernet, RemoteHost einfügen und dann speichern.

Rechner dann runterfahren und neu starten.

Dann sollte es gehen.

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