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Bimmer Utility 2022 F/G Series Coding Solution - Latest Mapping - Lifetime Updates
(05-08-2022, 07:30 AM)Sakurakira Wrote:
(05-06-2022, 04:10 AM)Rob Wrote:
(05-05-2022, 03:21 PM)Alinjdm Wrote: I want to get Bimmer Utility in the next few days. I first need to install esys and then buy BU and install it right?
Esys 3.38.2 is included with BU

das BimmerUtility support Motorcycle CAFD Mapping? I wanted to Code a R1250RS to get sport mode dials.
(04-19-2022, 04:41 PM)Rob Wrote:

Bimmer Utility - Latest CAFD Mapping - FREE Lifetime Mapping Updates - ISTA Equivalent Read / Clear Errors - NCD Compare - Fully Mapped FA EDITOR - and more!



Purchased and Well worth the money, Easy to use and user friendly Smile
I also bought this utility and it is excellent.
(05-19-2022, 07:51 AM)taljemotoren Wrote: Ich habe auch dieses Dienstprogramm gekauft und es ist ausgezeichnet.
Mir ist viel zu teuer, sorry. Wie oft braucht man das,
Very nice tool. I have bought it and I am satisfied. I miss something like remote ENET.
bought it today,, great tool
keep up the good work
Rob when you planing update the program to mapp latest data?/?
Can someone who has this program tell me if he reads the cafd of the motorcycles? I could send you a cafd if needed. Thank you.

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I picked tis up yesterday, hoping to use it today.
Its been updated to latest mapping, and yes it supports Motorcycles.
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