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Bimmer Utility 2022 F/G Series Coding Solution - Latest Mapping - Lifetime Updates
(08-16-2022, 03:36 AM)kenho2022 Wrote:
(04-19-2022, 04:41 PM)Rob Wrote:

Bimmer Utility - Latest CAFD Mapping - FREE Lifetime Mapping Updates - ISTA Equivalent Read / Clear Errors - NCD Compare - Fully Mapped FA EDITOR - and more!



it this BU sopport ID8 coding? i am looking for my kombi cafd files can't loading into due miss the cafd_00006D4E_003_015_013.
some one talk, the ID8 need to process with ISTA data base from online server process coding in coming future, it this real?

kindly advise, thank lots!
Hi, did you get an answer to your question? Also I am interested in CarPlay activation and whether it is possible with BU? Thanks.
great software thx
thanks for that
Could Anyone help  I am new to the coding scene, so just wanted to check what I needed to get etc and ensure I don't buy software which is not of any use.

I need to code my 2015 f56 mini.

I know I need e sys and a rj45 obdII port lead (which I have).

If I buy bimmerutility would I still need to get the pzdz data files and also e sys launcher? of just the e sys and then bimmer utility ?
Hi, please consider adding option of comparing cafd file based on two different FA and displaying differences in Winmerge . It was perfect option in EsysX and if bimmerutility implement this, it would be TOP of all available launcher distributions!
great software thx
Bonjour, je dois acheter le programme.
Savez-vous s'il est possible de coder le mode sport sur une R1250GS 2022 avec ?
Ou trouver l'option dans le logiciel ?
Merci beaucoup
Good soft

hi Rob,

seems to be just what I need. Just a small question: Is there anyway of transferring the software from one machine to another. the laptop i would use to install this is close to end of life and i plan to change it in the next 6 months or so. will a transfer be possible? the website seemed not very clear on this.


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