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Another newbie
Hello everyone. 

I will start by saying that I am smart enough to know when I'm NOT !!! And that is why I am here. So ---

I have been working on and repairing 3 Series (30, 36, 46, and a few 90s) that I have owned and do own as well as a few hundred of other folks, and a few E39s (as I have one). With Snap-On scanners and the internet I have done quite well. Well, now I have multiple E46s and need more diag power.

Specifically, I need deeper access to brake systems as well as the SMG system on the 06 SMG M3 that is being built up as a track car. The 06 was a "roller" and very much apart. Also, after some work on my S54 swapped E46 Sport Touring it has no brakes after a full M3 suspension swap. My Snap-on Solus can't access the wagon's ABS system (likely as the brake/abs system being 01 325 and the DME being 02 M3 manual trans).

I have attempted to download and install INPA in the past and failed. I'll be looking for input on finding downloadable diag software (that won't have all sorts of junk riding in the download) that will help with deeper and more current capability. 

Looking forward to the help I expect to receive.

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